Folk wisdom says that mountains call to those whose souls aspire to the heights. For them, coming to the mountain means returning home. Our apartments have responded to that call and invite everyone to come and visit us.


The beginning of our story begins with a cabin that we opened back in 2016, which offered a stay with enough traditionally decorated space for pleasant socializing. Tomić apartments look different today. With the construction of Apart Hotel Poljice, we completely modernized our apartments by introducing a smart home system in each of them.

Our apartments are located on the second floor of the building with a wonderful view of the Poljice ski slope and the peaks of the Jahorina mountain. The apartment building opens onto the Poljice ski slope itself, and we are only 20m away from the Poljice gondola. With numerous restaurants, cafes and other recreational facilities in the area, this makes us the most attractive place for a vacation in Jahorina.


Apart hotel Poljice with luxury apartments is built in the style of modern winter hotels, adapted to the mountain environment, with 38 smart apartments available. The location of the facility is located on the “Poljice” trail, which offers hotel guests to be present at the central tourist facilities, while behind the facility is a dense pine forest that will leave room for hiking and enjoying the clean air that Jahorina is full of.


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