HOW To Get Here?

Our MPM Deluxe Apartmants are located in Jahorina Mountain, part of Dinaric mountain system. The highest peak is Ogorjelica 1.916m above sea level. In summer it is covered with thick green grass and up to 3 meters high snowfall in winter. Our villa is located at 1600m above sea level in Sator, 117 Obućina bare street.

Excellent terrain configuration, plenty of good quality snow, suitable climate, 20 kilometers of slopes for alpine skiing and gentle slopes (Paradise Valley) contributed that this mountain has been included in to one of the most beautiful and famous ski centers. Average number of days with snow on Mount Jahorina is 175, from October to May. Ten-year average height of snow cover in February is 106 cm.

Simply by entering position coordinates 43.731490, 18.561843 of our facility in your GPS system you’ll come to us without mistake, or simply enter your location on the map below in “Directions“, which will show in detail the correct way to our MPM Deluxe Apartments.

Obućine bare 117, naselje Šator

(+39) 342 310 4875