Relaxing i Detox weekend

RELAXING I DETOX WEEKEND FOR LADIESWho know what they want in life and from life

Due to lifestyle and daily tasks did you even had time to stop and ask yourself how long you haven’t thought about yourself, about your body, your health, the food you eat?!

Do not worry, we are, that’s why we offer you something unique to this region. A relaxing weekend, a weekend that will contribute to the complete detoxification of your body, which will make your soul happy and feed your mind with laughter and positive energy.

It is intended that a combination of yoga, healthy-raw food, we breathe fresh air at 2000m above sea level on the slopes of Jahorina in luxury apartments guided by professional team of people involved in yoga and healthy eating for over 13 years.

No prior knowledge and experience of yoga or preparing raw-healthy foods is needed, only good will and a smile on your face.

Relaxing Detox weekend program

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March 1, 2021

Hvala Vam na svemu! Bilo je, kao i uvek kod Vas, divno i naravno vidimo se, po sada već ustaljenoj tradiciji, dogodine!

Jelena, Beograd