Caving in Orlovača Cave

Orlovača cave is located on a hill Orlovača, in the village Sumbulovac municipality of Pale. It fell away from 10 and 15 kilometers from Sarajevo. Currently the only tourist cave in the Republic of Srpska. The length of the cave channels is about 2 500 meters, while for tourist visits of the available channels of 560 meters.

System Orlovaca morphologically consists of three levels, and singled out the following parts: Entrance and main channel (consisting of entrance hall, dragons lair (Zmajeva jazbina), Ermitraž Hall, Hall, channel, lighthouse (kanal Prolaz svetionika), around the Elephant Hall (dvorana Slonovo oko), Thermopylae passage hall (termopilski prolaz) and Romania hall (prolaz Romanija). Hall and Gallery Channels lower levels of the underground river in Sinjave. It has a rich and varied cave jewelry: stalactites, stalagmites, saliva, curtains, tufa tubs. Important are the pillars of a massive cave-in forms Hermitage Hall, built of pure calcite.

An interesting form of malt turned the Olympic torch around the Elephant in the hall, which symbolically recalls the Winter Olympics held in Sarajevo in 1984. year. Orlovača cave is an important paleontological site. Found the remains of cave bears (Ursus spelaeus), old about 16 000 years. At the beginning of the twentieth century were carried out research in biospeleologically which found an insect in the Coleoptera family, genus Charonitis, subspecies Zoopai orlovancensis. The proposed placement is in the cave Orlovača natural resources of great importance, that the natural asset.

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