Jahorina Summer Vacation


First of all as our start we will use few words of Dr. Ljubo Mihic from the book “Jahorina and Trebevic”: “So, for skiers, hikers, climbers, especially for people who need a break because of health reasons, for all of them Jahorina is right desicion during all year. It’ s hard to say when is more attractive: in winter as a snow beauty or in summer as a beauty of garden flowers of fragrance and greenery. Visit Jahorina and experience the beauty of nature that we could describe the pen, you schould come and see, experiencing and enjoying, in their own way. ”

Indeed, there are few places as Jahorina, where nature has been so generous and gave her everything that makes it attractive and acceptable to all sportsmen, recreationists, hunters, fishermen, hikers, and those whose senses are eager to enjoy the tranquility in natural beauty. Clean mountain air resting body and soul, not only in winter but in summer.

Jahorina has a more favorable climate elements, comperint with other mountains, which have a beneficial effect on human health. This primarily refers to chronic lung disease, closed TB, anemia and fresh air rich in oxygen and ozone without aletgena has a calming effect on easoest nervous diseases more easily and favorably affects recovery from serious illness.

This area is extremely rich in natural resources, which include geological, pedological, orographic, hidrogeographic, climate and biodiversity. The natural diversity has enabled the development of interesting flora, fauna and forest ecosystems that have occupancy of large areas of space. In addition to species with wide distribution, significant line biodiversity of this region are endemic and relict plant and animal species Jahorina belongs to the Dinaric Mountains. The highest peak is Ogorjelica – 1916 meters.

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March 1, 2021

Hvala Vam na svemu! Bilo je, kao i uvek kod Vas, divno i naravno vidimo se, po sada već ustaljenoj tradiciji, dogodine!

Jelena, Beograd