Deluxe 4 – Cozy


This apartment of 50m2, earmarked for 2 or 4 people is synonymous with relaxation, because the large fireplace by the bar has central pozition where you can relax with your loved ones with a good glass of wine on mount Jahorina in our MPM deluxe apartmants while mountain stew, your favorite one, simmers on the stove. While you are preparing the food, the partner prepares a hot tub for relaxation, your partner or friend, or parents to children, prepare some splatter before bedtime. The choice is yours, and our apartmants would like to contribute you to experience the luxury of the winter and mountain magic on mountain beauty of Jahorina.
This aparmtan is the only one that has a separate entrance on the ground floor with a porch area of ​​25m2, which offers a unique mountain scene atmosphere both in summer and winter. For the youngest we provided free sleds, free wifi, free cable TV and cartoons, digital central heating.


Cable, Tv, Cartoons for kids






WHAT OURCustomers say

Nase iskustvo

Rated 5 out of 5
March 1, 2021

Hvala Vam na svemu! Bilo je, kao i uvek kod Vas, divno i naravno vidimo se, po sada već ustaljenoj tradiciji, dogodine!

Jelena, Beograd